As a leader, I value the strengths that others bring to the table. I strive to leverage these strengths in order to benefit the organization while doing my part to empower the individuals within that organization to excel at what they do best. I stand as a champion of creative solutions and innovation. I support out-of-the-box thinking that aligns with the mission, vision, and values of the institution. I strive to foster a culture of creativity in which the creative attributes of those within the organization can be leveraged to the betterment of all.

I am a man of integrity, driven by an ever-present moral compass and a desire to accentuate the positive while eliminating the negative. I strive to respectfully represent those that I lead and through collaboration reach solutions that reflect the ideologies of the group even when such ideologies may differ from one another.  I find great satisfaction in seeing those that I lead succeed and be recognized for their efforts. Appropriate transparency is something that I view as necessary to ensure buy-in, support, and synergy from those within the organization. For this reason, a commitment to open communication is something that I take seriously.  I expect my actions to always speak louder than my words, and when a mistake is made, I will own that mistake and do my part to rectify and learn from the situation.  When asked a question to which I do not know the answer, I acknowledge that to which I do not know and commit to seeking out answers and reporting on those findings in the future. I recognize that each of us will face times when we make mistakes or fail to know the answers to questions. I expect that all under my leadership take a similar approach in responding to such situations.

When faced with difficult or uncomfortable tasks, often associated with serving in positions of leadership, I typically feel comfortable discussing and addressing such matters. I strive to have a holistic view of the organization and circumstances that may surface within it, and with such a perspective address difficult tasks with the greater good in mind. When corrective action is necessary in order to ensure that an individual is contributing sufficiently to the organization, respect for the individual and clarity regarding the issue and how it is to be resolved are kept in mind. I remain calm during moments of crisis and make every effort to be the voice of reason when circumstances may prompt others to react out of emotion towards a situation. I endeavor to confidently stand as someone who ensures stability during times when chaos could prevail. I want those around me to understand how significant they are to the organization and how as a unified group we can do great things.

I communicate regularly with and stay connected to those under my stewardship. I recognize the value of spending time to acknowledge work well done, and to provide accolades when appropriate.  I convey interest in the members of the organization and the important role they play by regularly perusing the physical space to which they occupy and paying genuine attention in the work to which they are engaged. I strive to be a leader that instills synergy within the organization, leverages the strengths of each member, and provides a stable voice based on collaborative input.