Jason Dude Lively Ph.D.

Welcome to Dr. Jason Dude Lively's personal site. I'm sure most of you have heard someone say "I just threw the site together". This is one of those sites. Although I still freelance design, my real focus and passion deals with teaching and applying new technologies and techniques in the delivery of content.

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The Academic

Years ago, I took a pay-cut to follow my passion, I've never regretted it. I'm a life-long learner that hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams, expand their minds, and impact the world.


I have often found myself in leadership roles throughout higher-education. It only seems fitting that I provide some statement regarding how I view my role as a leader... Learn More


It was the "ah ha" moment that hooked me. I have felt as though teaching is a call that I had to answer. Seeing others find those "ah ha" moments is as rewarding to the me as it is to the learner... Learn More


This is a bit of a moving target for me. I'm more of a teacher than a researcher, but I certainly enjoy learning new things. If I didn't, I'd run out of things to teach... Learn More

Featured Work

It only makes sense to feature a sampling of my work on the home page, explore the Designs page if you are interested in seeing more.

I often doodle robots

They become the stars of presentations, handouts, and even syllabi

I dabble in 3D printing

I enjoy modeling original designs and working through the prototyping process